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   Instrument     Composition


One whole entire piece of teak wood

hand carved

with special organic goat skin,

deer horn bridge,

quality tuners.


15 resonating strings,

5 playing strings,

5 rhythm strings , making this

25-string slide instrument.


How to Order?

Pay 25% deposit first to start the construction of your instrument and then pay the remaining amount at the end when your instrument is completely constructed, throughly inspected and tested, and ready to ship.

Once we receive your 25% deposit, you will be sent a detailed invoice with tracking order number and the construction process of your instrument will begin.

Includes a brand new custom-made hard carrying case along with a video tutorial on how to tune and care for Puspha Veena.


Lessons are available upon request.

*Due to the pandemic, construction materials and shipping costs have increased in India and we will not be able to offer free shipping.

If you have any questions please 

Contact Us

Place your 25% deposit

In the search for an enchanting, mystical and ancient sound, Pushpa Veena was born to encapsulate the qualities of our loving and legendary Gurus and Saints throughout the world. Pushpa Veena is an acoustic slide instrument but very different and unique from the previous creations of Pandit Debasish Bhattacharya's trinity guitars: Chaturangui, Anandi and Gandharvi.
One of the inspirations for creating Pushpa Veena was to find a way to blend ancient classical and iconic sounds of folk music, specifically in India and Asia, into one musical instrument. Our mission was to combine the natural earthly qualities of wood, metal, and animal hide to create a truly unique, fun and expressive instrument. In our creative persistence we strived to bring forth a musical medium that enhances the artist's ability to express one's most intimate and tender feelings.


The purity of traditional music is fading away and becoming less important and unattractive for many musicians, students and listeners today. In an effort to help keep the presence and integrity of different music traditions alive, Pushpa Veena has emerged to embody, embrace and unify the beautiful cultural expressions 

found throughout the world.
Our concept of Pushpa Veena is that it is connected to the human body, mind, and soul. It is eternal as well as celestial, holding the power of mother nature, curing and healing the musician with its deep and majestic sound. Within the tone of Pushpaveena, you will hear and find a deep cry for love and truth.

The structure of the Veena as well as the sound and energy generated by the strings are connected to the Vedic and Buddhist philosophy in addition to older schools of musical and spiritual practices.
The Veena holds the beauty of a flower and helps one to attain liberation or "Moksha." The instrument encompasses the Sattvic gunas of positivity, serenity and peace.

This uniquely one of a kind 25-string Veena is played as a slide instrument with the Veena laid on one’s lap.

Another driving inspiration for creating Pushpa Veena 

comes from the desire to create a slide instrument that is better for the player’s posture. Many slide instruments are big and heavy with the continuous weight and pressure placed on one’s lap. For long periods of sitting practice or performance, this can easily cause lots of knee, back, shoulder and neck pain. The main body weight of Pushpa Veena is designed to rest on a supportive cushion next to your thigh while only the lighter top part of the neck lays on your lap, significantly reducing the weight and pressure off the player’s knees and ankles. This new instrument gives the musician more freedom and support to sit longer while practicing and performing.


Students often practice and begin to start improving in their skills but only to fall out of it because of posture-related pain. We wanted to create an instrument that not only offers a unique and wondrous sound but also protects the player's body and posture from unnecessary stresses so one can dive deeper into his/her music practice.

This exclusive creation is a patented instrument created and designed by Debashish Bhattacharya and Tiffany Chin.

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Pushpa Veena


created and designed by:





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