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It is necessary to step out of the ordinary to experience the extraordinary.


Pushpa Veena

Our newest instrument creation inspired by love, joy, pain and sorrow, the days of our former gurus and longing for ancient soulful expression.

Featuring: Debashish Bhattacharya on Pushpa Veena

                Tanmoy Bose on Tabla

24-strings slide guitar 
handmade by traditional local craftsmen of Kolkata, Bengal.
Created and designed by
Debashish Bhattacharya.

Want to learn more about Hindustani music and develop your slide guitar skills?

Join me in my online classes tailored to your interests and needs.

Limitless imaginative creativity.


From the age of three, Debashish became fascinated with 

Hawaiian guitars and his desire and passion for slide guitars developed into a life long pilgrimage of creating unique instruments and styles of playing.


His intricate instrumental designs and musical techniques have brought great inspiration to the traditional and contemporary music scene. His deep knowledge, understanding and exploration of ragas and scales 

mesmerizes and uplifts audiences and fellow artists

all around the world. 


He has received global recognition for his patented slide guitars: Chaturangui, Gandharvi and Anandi as well as the newest instrument creation Pushpa Veena developed with Tiffany Chin. This family of instruments are specially known for their unique and refined soundscape qualities.


Debashish follows under the lineage of his beloved gurus:

Pandit Brij Bhushan Kabra and Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty as well as his very special parents who are a great source of love, inspiration, mentorship and encouragement for him and his creative approaches and understanding of music.

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